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The usual reason why a car gets impounded is because it's not insured. However, once it's been seized and towed away to a pound most insurers will not provide an insurance policy for it. This is where these specialist towed-away car insurance policies comes in: and you can get a quote from a friendly advisor by ringing the freephone number above, or for more information about insuring an impounded car visit this website; there is plenty of information about how to get a seized car released. Alternatively try here for a short term policy

The main reason why motorists don't insure their cars is because, at the time the policy is due, they simply can't afford it. This is why 30 day policies (the minimum the law will allow for releasing a car from a police pound) have been brought out. These are affordable for most drivers who can at least then get their cars released, and then they can drive legally for about a month. After that they can either buy a conventional policy (which could be paid for monthly if funds are tight) or even SORN the car until finances improve.

However I cannot stress this enough -

Finding an insurer willing to issue a policy like this is a job for an experienced broker since, not only has the car been confiscated, but also the driver will now be facing a charge of Driving Without Insurance (N10). Many drivers, particularly young ones, take out conventional policies without mentioning the circumstances but these are checked by the staff at the pound and almost invariably they state specifically that they cannot be used for releasing an impounded car. This is just a complete waste of money. Also, insurers don't like practices like this and will almost invariably cancel the policy, which can make getting any cover at all in the future extremely difficult. Others buy online short term policies of between one and 28 days, but these are not accepted either. The policies that a specialist can provide, however, last for either 30 days or a year, and these WILL be accepted. They are specifically designed to get a seized car released, and this is specified on the policy.

You can get more information and advice by making a free call to 0161 388 2552. Your call will be answered by a fully trained advisor (based in Greater Manchester, not Hyderabad!) who will let you know your options and compare quotes for you.

The alternative

If a car is not claimed and removed from the pound within about 14 days it is either sold at auction or scrapped. This means a total loss of the vehicle without any compensation at all but there may still be hire purchase obligations to meet; a financial disaster for many car motorists. This is why it is vital to get it released as soon as possible.


Whilst they will not be as cheap as a policy bought by someone who has no convictions or pending ones, and whose car has not been towed away, the option of insuring it for just 30 days brings the cost down considerably. Once you have bought one you can get your car released, and then you have plenty of time to shop around for a more permanent solution.
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